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The Reliability Toolkit

by Chiranjeevi Rai

chiranjeevi rai

The Author

Chiranjeevi is an engineer who is excited about practicing and developing new methods & practices in the field of engineering & maintenance. He is currently working on creating simple methods and tools that can make the life of maintenance practitioners easy.

He’s a positive-minded person who believes in the beauty of nature and life and loves the people around him. His foray into philanthropy at an early age stems from the value systems imparted by his parents.  

Chiranjeevi is also an active climate change activist as he shuns plastics and influences others around him to do so as well! He is a fitness enthusiast and an avid photographer and also likes to play golf during his leisure time. 

He is related to the author Pankaj Lochan and the duo are currently working on a variety of subjects together – like Performance Management, Reliability & Maintenance etc. Their next book together – “MASTER of Your KPIs” is going to be released soon!

Chiranjeevi Rai

The Book

This book is a simple and practical treatise for practicing engineers & maintenance technicians working in various manufacturing set ups in the world.

Mostly maintenance crew struggles to prioritize on what they need to work on, and then understanding of how they need to do what they would do. This book will help them simplify their improvement interventions and align their efforts towards maximum productivity.

The book begins with an introduction to the core concepts of reliability and then delves into explaining the mathematics of Reliability. The the book moves to maintenance – it explains the various philosophies while laying down a comparison of underlying practices, benefits and the limitations thereof and then talks about Maintenance Management.


After this, the book explains the elements of “Criticality Assessment”, “Equipment FMEA” and “RCFA” and explains.

chiranjeevi rai book

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